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Handcrafted Rebinding and Repair Services for Your Favorite Old or New Bible

For the Bible that has been beside you through the thick of it to the happiest moments of you life. With all the notes, highlights, prayers, and memories strewn all through out, no Bible can compare. Returning to that Bible feels like home, it's a piece of your heart. But it's starting to show all those years of use. Pieces of the cover are flaking off in your hand, pages are ripped, and sections are beginning to fall out. The time has come to repair your beloved Bible so it lasts many more years. With years of experience we will carefully repair and restore your Bible so it's usable once again without having to worry that all the pages will just fall out one day when you stand up in church. Our base package for rebinds includes spine reinforcement, a new ribbon, endsheets (if yours have notes on them, we will do our best to preserve them if possible), headbands, and a basic full grain leather cover with your inscription on the cover. Cover reattachment is available as well if your cover is still in good condition but it has just separated from the rest of the textblock. Keep your treasured Bible for many more years, just with a more durable and personalized touch.

We use full grain cowhide leather, high quality endsheets, durable spine reinforcements and mindful care while we handle your Bible. Our hearts desire is for your Bible to last generations, just like we want our own Bibles to do.

Please note, there are additional costs for embellishments and upgrades such as additional ribbons, stitching, pockets, etc. Page repairs and ironing are available as  additional purchases. Costs vary depending on the type of repair needed.

The best way to make sure your Bible turns out the way you want is to message us first so we can provide you with a quote and develop a custom order.

The prices listed here are base prices for Bibles in very good condition with little to no repair work needed. The full rebind option includes spine reinforcement, one new coordinating ribbon, headbands, endsheets, and a basic leather cover (provide the color in the notes section at checkout). By purchasing this service you will be placed on the calendar and we will notify you when to ship your Bible.

How to place an order:

1) Select the dimension of your Bible based on its height, width, and depth.

2) Select the rebinding/repairs necessary.

3) Click on add to cart and make your purchase.

4) Once payment has processed we will email you with the address to ship your Bible to.


Sizing: Length x Width x Thickness

Small - up to 7 x 5 x 1.25

Medium - up to 9 x 6 x 1.5

Large - up to 10 x 7 x 2

X-Large - larger than 10 x 7 x 2


Please note, if your Bible is not a sewn binding, there is an extra fee to reinforce it.
***Ships via USPS Priority Mail within the United States.***